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Transformation of Sunday – SATYAMEV JAYATE 3 (Final part)

Transformation of Sunday – SATYAMEV JAYATE 3 (Final part)

I now come to the last and final part of my post on Satyamev Jayate! I might look obsessed with the topic, which might be true in some sense, but I somehow hold myself (and people like me) too accountable for this menace which has become so prevalent in our society.
I (we) might have come across someone who was involved in this cruel act, but I (we) might have not noticed or might have overlooked entirely! Maybe I (we) need to relook at my claim of being highly informed and an active citizen. Maybe I (we) need to relook at my perspective of looking at social issues in the country.

Recently, I was talking to one of my colleagues at work who had an opinion that this problem is not so scaled up that it cannot be curbed. He was of a belief that when it will actually become excruciating, someone, somewhere will stand against it and wipe it out forever! WOW!! What a feeling that was!!

His words charged me up to my core. But then, I am a realist too!! I immediately intervened with my probing query that is it really possible for one person to bring about change in society on an issue of that severity?

Before anyone in the room could answer, the next segment of Aamir’s show struck my wits and I myself uttered, “Yes! Why not? It is possible.”

I was referring to the success story of Nawashahar (Jalahmajra) in Punjab, a town which once was severely hit by the issue in discussion. The sex ratio, which has depleted to below 800 sometime back in the area has now been restored to 1000!

Wow! What a success story! That’s commendable indeed. But how did this happen? Who brought about the change?

It was again an initiative by one person, Krishan Kumar (DC) who after taking the charge of the district did everything possible to bring about this change. Read on more about the story at: http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_village-turns-sex-ratio-around_1037903.

Today, the same district has become the most women-empowered district in the state, with women occupying almost most of the high profiles offices. (http://www.financialexpress.com/news/nawanshahr-now-most-womenempowered-district-in-punjab/941575/).

If the idea could be implemented in one town/district and had such an impact, I am very positive that it can be replicated in all parts of the country.

I do not want to discuss on another issue discussed in the show – about trafficking of women from various parts of the country in the name of marriage. This topic is too unkempt to be even spoken about. It once again brings forth the ugly face of the law & order system in our country.

About the show and its format, I have one word to explain it – Cerebral.

Image courtesy: ibnlive.in

I pity those people who are expecting entertainment out of the show and are disappointed in it for the lack of entertainment quotient! I would pray that they always have their families safe & secure and must never have to go through the ordeal that the victims of foeticide have to face.

Honestly, I fail to understand that why a few people (self-acclaimed critics) always have to criticize, no matter how valid or rational an issue is? I could see people debating in newsrooms over the show’s intent.

If we are divided over the very basic fact of the existence of the evil then how can we ever fight it? People are commenting on anything and everything from Aamir’s inclusion, TRP agenda, business model, advertisement revenue and what not!

Has our conscience got so messed up that we cannot differentiate between what is right and what is not?

I wonder that when a sequel of ‘Harry Potter’ is released, fans (including people of all genre, sex and age) flock the internet with comments and views about it, but I have never heard of any hue & cry created over that!

So, are we saying that we have become so self-engrossed that anything to do with society at large doesn’t move us? Or is it that a small section of the high class society (who has access to news rooms) looks at it as an opportunity to leverage the sensitivity of the situation and have a go in front of the camera to be visible. But what do they intend to do with this visibility? I don’t get that, do you?

To me, the show was so neatly presented with no lavish set-up, no gaudy light system, no zooming cameras, no slow motion cuts and most of all Aamir himself as one of the audiences. The reactions of the audience on the revelations made by the people (speakers) were so genuine that even a kid could make that out. There was a light moment as well when Aamir spoke to a group of ‘bachelors’ (forced to be that way because of depleting numbers of girls) from Kurukshetra, who tickled everyone with their innocent yet witty comments. Though people were giggling, but the souls were shaken because of the underlying cause – no women for these men to get married to.

And needless to mention, the final score presented by Ram Sampath and Swanand Kirkire was so touching that I made me loose my self and cry!! I did have tears in my eyes.

I believe it’s time now that we stand up to fight against these evils, collectively (as a system against a system) and wipe them out of our society. The show got people talking, which is good as revolutions always begin with awareness and in issues such as these, we need nothing short of a revolution, says Rajul Kulshreshta (MD of Kinetic Group).

I want to add another view here that though we are moved by the way Aamir has presented a grave issue in front of all of us, supported it with data collected with a lot of analysis and research; still we have to dive deeper and try to understand as to WHY is this happening so rampantly.

As per a little understanding that I have of the society, I can list a few factors which might be fueling this practice:

  1.  Dowry system: This practice is still prevalent in our society, and not only villages and poor families but urban areas are also no exception to this. Girl child is seen as a responsibility, which has to be fulfilled till she gets married and that too with a heavy price.

    ‘Betiyan to parayi amaanat hoti hain’
    still is a widely accepted mindset in our society.If we want to wipe-off the evil of foeticide from the face of our society, we first need to free our social system of the voracity that has seeped into both, poor as well as well-to-do sections of society. Even educated families are demanding exuberant amount in form of dowry from the families of brides, as if they are selling their sons in the market of marriage. In-laws killing the girls for demand of dowry have been an dark truth of our society since ever and this also triggers poor and helpless families to commit the dreadful crime of killing the girl child in the womb itself, only because they cannot pay dowry at the time of marriage.
  2. Male-dominated family system: Our society has always been male dominated and it has become an established outlook. In the same light, people wish to have a male child in order to take their generation forward and that’s why they call them ‘Ghar ka Chirag’. The desire to have the so-called ‘Chirag’ (light emitting lamp) has led to killings of many souls before they can even see the light!!Two girls (in Rajasthan itself) have recently set an example by performing the last rites and cremating their father’s body, a ritual which is predominantly professed to be carried out by sons ONLY. This indeed can be seen as a step towards transformation of the orthodox mindsets of our society.
  3. Poor implementation of otherwise strong law: Though the law has been drafted well to ensure that such crimes do not go unnoticed and the responsible people are brought to justice; still the system accountable for the effective implementation of the law has never played its role effectively. When the guilty is set free by the law, the fear of committing the crime starts eroding and culprits start taking liberty of the loops in the system.If we want to fix this issue, we need to strengthen the system to ensure the implementation of the law at the lowest level of the society.Korea is an excellent example to learn from – Punish the guilty severely and curb the crime. I wish that we can also take such strong measures to ensure that such crimes are swept clean from our society.

Not preaching much about what is wrong and what is right, I still would say that this brave attempt by one man (Aamir Khan) will at least (if not much) send a message loud that if so many people are against something, then it is not supposed to be done. If the punishments are rendered to the guilty, it would warn the prospective culprits to not to commit such crimes for of the fear of being punished.

Another thing that Aamir said during the show and I truly believe in is that WE (the people of society) are the magic wands and if we resolve against the evil of Female Foeticide, nothing can stop it from getting eliminated.

To end, as says the Genesis 1:3 from the BIBLE:

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light!

Let there be 'LIGHT'

Let there be light and let the nation rise and shine!! God bless and good luck.

Satyamev Jayate!!!

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