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Transformation of Sunday – SATYAMEV JAYATE 2

Transformation of Sunday – SATYAMEV JAYATE 2

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I am continuing from where I had left the last post..

The show’s content was so gripping that I could not move my eyes away from the TV set even during the 2 minutes long commercial break. Thought I was looking at the screen but my mind was processing the information that I had gained from the earlier part of the show. It was disturbing yet engrossing and I had already thought that I am going to write about this after the show.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I call it a show of revelations since everyone who spoke, revealed some or the other shocking and horrendous fact. Next to join in was Dr. Puneet Negi, a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology by profession. He pointed out at the fact that the problem of foeticide erupted in the decade of 70s when it was a presumption that population is the cause of all the problems in our country.

What was more shocking was that this entire concept of killing the foetus if it is a girl child was a brainchild of the government of India!! How is that possible?

It was triggered by a research paper published by All India Institute which said that most of the people in the country crave for a male child and girls are just being born without any purpose at all. The paper claimed that if the girls are not let to come to life and only boys are born, the problem of population can be sorted out.

I feel so sorry to be a part of a country that was ever led by people who had such a mindset towards their own people!!

Anyways, that was not all that Dr. Negi had to jolt us with. He further shared that in the light of the research work, an extensive program was started by the government of India, under which pregnant ladies and their families were literally provided counseling to make them to drop their crave for many children. The program was allegedly based on the concept that families which do not have a male child go for more children just to have one. However, they were providing free services in major hospitals of the country for ABORTING GIRL BABIES in the womb of mothers.

Can you, even for a second, try and relate to this idea from any perspective? You heard yourself!!

Image courtesy: UNICEF

Even back then, activists objected to the program and feeling the pressure, government of India officially retracted the program. However, the damage was already done! People became aware that there were tests which can determine the sex of the foetus and this became an occupation for the doctors and lab assistants who started their private clinics to cater to the demand by the families.

Though the conventional means of determination were complex and had fatal risks  involved, however with the induction of Ultrasound technique in the 90’s the process became quick and easy to conduct. That opened the doors for many waiting in the line to try their hands in this fast growing industry of sex determination and abortion; doctors, technicians, druggists, small time nursing homes and manufacturers & dealers of the ultrasound machines. What a vast impact this social evil had on business world?

Salesmen had the pitch prepared for their customers (doctors) of ultrasound machines which stated that the machine will recover its cost in only about a month after it is put into use!! I think I need not explain any further that it has become a 3000 CRORE industry in the due course of time!! Yes, that is a hell lot of money indeed! I agree. But what about ethics? Values? Moralities? Do they have any place in our society or is it just money that drives us? Were these characteristics ever important for our society? If the response is affirmative, then how come something like this bloom in the first place!

If we are feeling so agitated and disturbed today, did the aware mass of those times feel the same? If it did, then what did it do to curb this evil practice? How did they let this become a wide spread money minting business? If Korea could change the face of its society in just about a year’s time by punishing all the doctor’s involved in the practice of foeticide, why couldn’t our country do the same (Korea also had the same issue before 90’s). Honestly, I do not have any answer to these questions! May be you can help me here.

The supreme authority in medical fraternity in our country; the Medical Council of India has failed in punishing even a single doctor in last several years for this grave act. None of the doctors have ever got their license to practice cancelled for their alleged involvement in such matters. Was I surprised? Not exactly. The revelations in the show had made me aware of the prostrate system that we have had to let something like this stem within our social fiber.

Then came forth a sorry story of two brave, responsible and dynamic journalists; Shripal Shaktawat and Meena Sharma, who did a sting operation to uncover the ugly face of female foeticide prevalent in the state of Rajasthan. They covered more than 40 cities & towns and exposed more than 144 doctors who were involved in this evil practice. They revealed so much about the atrocious acts of some soulless doctors that I can bet that no sane person can stand the complete narration in one go.
Having said that, I also accept that this is as a bitter reality of our society but I strongly refuse to accept that this is an inseparable part! This is clearly a disease, an evil; it has to go and it must go.

Image Courtesy: UNICEF

It can be called mere irony of the paralytic system of our country that these two journalists, who had put their heart & soul into exposing the devils hidden under the covers of medical degrees in our society, are summoned by a number of session courts in various cities of Rajasthan for the hearing of the cases (against the alleged defaulter doctors).

This is happening for last 7 years since the cases have been registered against the doctors who were seen in the sting operation video. State government has booked the cases in different courts in different cities (for a very obvious reason cited that since the doctors are from different jurisdiction areas). I pity such a spineless system!

Things are so tragic that at times arrest warrants are issued against Shripal and Meena if they are unable to attend the hearings!!  However the under trial doctors are still practicing; not only that but few of them have been promoted over the last few years. Our caretakers (supposed to-be) are behaving as if nothing has happened!!

‘Nahin khatam ho toh Yamuna mein phenk dena’ – (If it doesn’t die, throw it in Yamuna)

This was not said for some polythene bag, some garbage or a used pepsi can! A doctor used these lines referring to a LIFE, a child, a foetus who was yet to come out of the womb of her mother and see the light!! Are these people really living amongst us? Aren’t such people only seen in movies or read about in comics? Are they for real?

I am leaving you with these questions for now and will describe in my next post as to why this attempt of Aamir is unique  and how it can make a difference.

God bless!

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