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Basic TIPS to maximize Reach & Engagement for CONTENT

Basic TIPS to maximize Reach & Engagement for CONTENT


In the series of sharing tips on creating great CONTENT and increasing engagement – this post lists a few basic tips that can help to maximize Social Media reach for your content.

1. Story-telling:
With ever-reducing attention spans, people do not want to engage with preachy content – they do not wish just to read or hear what your product contains and how it’s a revolutionary one! Instead, tell them the story behind your product or brand – make it relatable for your target customers. One example that stood out for me was the #StandByToughMoms advertisement from ALL OUT. Without getting into the pros & cons of using a mosquito repellent – let’s focus on the STORY aspect of this campaign.
Watch the video, and you will understand!

Video source: ALLOUT Youtube Channel

2. Build a community:
It’s basic human nature to feel secure in a community, and it makes us open up and communicate better. That is what we want our content to do – engage more people, make them talk about it and build a conversation around it. With a vast canvas of social media platforms today, it’s very convenient to build an active community around a brand by creating online groups, host chats, arrange offline meet-up events, brand through custom products.
The one brand that comes to my mind which has mastered this is STARBUCKS!
I have paid to buy STARBUCKS merchandise, almost everything they have come out with for its patrons. There is a specific connection of community that my family and I feel with STARBUCKS, and that’s what this tip is all about.
See below screenshots of Starbucks website, just to tell you what I mean!

3. Use Videos:
It is given that videos attract maximum views today and are best tools for maximizing interaction. However, it is still an under-utilized tool by many content creators out there (am guilty of that myself). It could be for the reason that people get intimidated by the quality of videos of other brands and get demotivated! Here’s the tip  – you do not have to as good as them, right away! None of them were as good in their first video (most of them). Create an exciting plot and record a simple video – it will work!
LIVE videos are doing wonders for brands in connecting with their audience in real time and generate amazing engagement.
A good friend has been doing that for a while now and is immensely successful in generating value for her audience, guests, and her brand.
View her Facebook Channel here:
Below are a few screenshots of her page:

4. Make use of STORIES feature:
Almost every popular social media platform has the fantastic feature where users can share short clips or images to share a story (refer point 1 to understand better). It can be anything from a Travel Diary to Cooking tip to a PhotoWalk or even some teaser campaign before a product launch – you name a thing, and a story can be created for that.
The best example that I came across where a brand is just rocking this feature is Airbnb with its Interactive Quizzes on Instagram Stories.
Airbnb’s Travel Tuesday series uses professional photographs and user-generated content from Instagram to provide its Instagram community with inspirational travel ideas. Each photograph is put up in the form of an interactive quiz. What a fantastic idea, isn’t it?

All these are great tips for making great content reach maximum people and generate maximum engagement – however the most important aspect for any content creator is CONSISTENCY!
So, above all – be regular with your content and use all the above tips – you will never have to look back!
Share your STORY about how you already use these tips in your content strategy and how that has helped you gain engagement – we would love to hear from you.
Until next time, be well and keep creating rocking Content!

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