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May 10 2018

Google Duplex AI Assistant to save time for an average person – to do what?

Google Duplex – an AI Assistant making calls for people, booking tables and making reservations!

Wow, we are moving ahead in tech, aren’t we?

The piece from The Verge cites all possible issues with a bot making calls and the person on the other end not knowing about it – might create serious social issues related to trust and civility.

I, instead have a different question to ask here!

Apparently, the CORE REASON behind all these advancements in tech is cited to SAVE TIME that an average person spends on such tasks.



What are we SAVING all this TIME for?

What is an AVERAGE person expected to do with all the SAVED TIME?

What is being done to make that time PRODUCTIVE?

From where I see it, all the time in the world will make an average person find more ways to KILL it – and the vicious circle goes on and on!

Remember, we are talking about an average person here, who is the hero of all these tech advancement stories! 

Let’s not get too ambitious with what an average person can do with the time!

Any views, anyone?

The Verge story here:

Watch the clip of Mr. Sundar Pichai demonstrating the capabilities of Google’s latest technology in AI.
Video from Ben Thompson’s Youtube channel!



Dec 03 2012


The design and performance of integrated systems and processes that create superior strategic, competitive and operational value through speed, flexibility and cross-purpose adaptability – can define Operational Excellence in any given organisation.

Operational Excellence is a methodical approach used to drive an organization toward world-class execution, integrating Operational Excellence concepts, methods and tools into an organization’s operating model, principles, and culture.

Operational Excellence, at the conceptual level can be understood as methodical designing of systems and processes that are integrated to deliver competitive and world class operational value by providing flexible and adaptable methods and tools for functioning.

It might be a bit perplexing to understand the right meaning of Operational Excellence. Let’s try to understand it from the perspective of an organization.

Every organization in the business world has the core focus on delivering quality product/services in time to earn maximum revenue. To achieve more, organizations need to scale and with scaling come the challenge of high level of management. Imagine an organization that wishes to grow many times its revenue and customer base but is completely ignorant about the maturity of its operations! Do you think it can achieve its goals? NO would be the obvious answer to this question.

The way an organization is designed to function defines the scope of growth. An organization with poor structure, systems and processes is destined to find it troublesome to grow beyond a certain point. By any chance if any such organization happens to grow to certain level of success, it will not be able to sustain it without improving the operational capabilities.

The key partners in achieving the operational maturity in any organization are People, Processes and Technology. These three working together can build sustainable and profitable organizations.

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