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Heartcount over Headcount – that’s all that matters!

If we look back – it all started with ‘Hands to work’ in the Industrialization era. Workers were expected to perform GIVEN tasks and that would be it. There were a select people putting their heads into things. It was an apt thing to do at that age, maybe. Then the world moved on to …

Yes, LEADERS can be MADE!

By RINKU BASU    As a leader, I have been an ardent practitioner of situational leadership. It is interesting to have a topic, so complex theorized in such simple words by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson in their book ‘One Minute Manager.’ If you take a look around, everybody is practicing some style of leadership depending …


  Major TRANSFORMATIONS can be brought about by CHANGING little things. Exactly two years back, I took up the most challenging job in my career – so far. It was a distress call as one of the very critical functions had suddenly lost the top guy – with immediate effect. The management, including my boss, …


Ball Tampering – look beyond the press conferences & video clips!

Following the recent ball-tampering issue in Cricket world, I have listed a few things that I call as lessons as they do qualify as learnings for everyone in the understanding of the subject and the game. These apply to every walk of life, even corporate and work.   1. Decision Making: There is a fragile …

Be ‘YOU’ – it’s easier than being someone you AREN’T!

If you do not voice your opinion due to the fear of being judged or misunderstood or not being seen in the right light (if you are bringing out shortcomings of something) – then your opinion does not matter at all. Think about it –  It does not take any hardship to be YOU, rather it …

Everyday MUSINGS 2: ‘Follow your OWN path’

It was a cold winter morning when I decided to leave from Chandigarh to Delhi in my car since had to be in the city for an important business meeting. I usually start while its dark to avoid traffic on the highway and save time. But that day, nature had a different plan for me. …

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