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SATYAMEV JAYATE 3 – ‘Dowry System’

SATYAMEV JAYATE 3 – ‘Dowry System’

There is no end to greed!!newstrackindia.com

This was the baseline of today’s part of Satyamev Jayate. I somehow had a feeling that Aamir might take up the topic of DOWRY SYSTEM in next episode, and it came out to be right.

Again; a neat presentation of an evil practice that is prevalent in our society. The cases picked up were very appalling and revealed the ugly face of our high-class educated society. In my last few posts I had pointed towards DOWRY as a major reason for eruption of other vices in our country – Female Foeticide being a major one of them.

The first story of Komal Sethi from New Delhi was unfortunate and that not only because it revealed the ugly faces of delinquents who could go to any extent of parsimony for the greed of money, but also because the in-law family in discussion was of a well-off IT professional earning a whopping 65,000 dollars a year! That is a not a small amount of salary for someone who is not yet married! Trust me on that since I am from the same industry!

An educated professional treating his wife like an animal is unpardonable as per me. This poor lady was manhandled and tormented to get stuff from her parents. Cash for car, furniture, then travel to US, car in US – everything was sponsored by girl’s parents – not by choice but by force. I would not get into much details but one thing that makes me loose cool is that the man left the poor girl without food and water for 4 days, locking her in an apartment! All this because she denied asking her parents to give their only house to him! I hope when this man looks at the mirror he actually sees a man, because he does not deserve to be called one!

Honestly, this topic of DOWRY did not unnerve me that much – not because I am insensitive to this issue but more so because I have seen all this in my own society.

There were many cases presented today which hailed from Punjab and I somehow belong to the same state. My state has a lot of things to boast about but there are many to be ashamed of as well. DOWRY system is one of such issues. Fraudulent marriages by NRIs, marrying just for the sake of travelling abroad, demanding dowry at the time of marriage are a few common vices in my part of the country. Mr Balwant Singh Ramuwalia (Minister, working extensively on this issue) shared after narration of another story of Paramjit Kaur (who was tricked into marrying a person who went abroad after taking money from her parents and never returned back) that there are more than 30,000 such women in Punjab alone who are a victim of this malpractice! What has happened to our people? Where are we headed? Many such questions always keep hitting us hard. Alas! As always, we do not have any answers to them!!

The other stories discussed in the show were:

  • A highly learned and ambitious girl, Nishana from Madurai had to end her life to end the turmoil that she was going through in her married life because of the greed of her husband and his family. The kind of behavior that a husband should have towards his wife, Nishana never got anything close to that. Her parents tried to fulfill all the demands of the boy’s family, but during all that life became unbearable for Nishana and one day she decided to end her misery.
    Just one question here: What was her mistake for which she had to give away the most wonderful gift – LIFE?
  • Extravagant marriages have become a trend in our society these days. Middle and High class families are spending exorbitant money in lavish marriage ceremonies, but it has an adverse impact on the poor who have to live up to the expectation of the society, which has risen in the past owing to the trends set by the rich. This has led to outburst of another problem in countryside – FARMER SUICIDES. Like many, I also believed that farmers in the villages of India (Vidharba etc.) commit suicide because they take loans for agriculture but are not able to repay because of low output. It shook me internally when I learnt that many of them take loans (much beyond their repayment capacity) just for getting their daughters married. This is really sad because amount of rains cannot be controlled by us, but such vices can be controlled by us for sure. May be we can save some lives that way.
  • thehindu.comAnother strange story was from Bihar where a college going man was abducted by the parents of a girl and was married (forcibly). They even call this practice as MARRIAGE-BY-FORCE! Funny & unbelievable, but is true. All this is done in order to avoid paying the dowry. But, is this a solution? Are we saying that all marriage should be MARRIAGES-BY-FORCE and then only we can get rid of this evil practice? Absolutely not!
  • As it is said – “Where there is despair, let there be hope.” Such were the examples of two villages of Maharashtra – Behranpur and Bhiwandi. Both these villages have a unique practice, which has been introduced by the entire community that there should only be very simple and silent marriages. They have set 3 rules for themselves:
    • No one from community will attend the marriage if a family is holding a lavish ceremony.
    • People will join the girl’s family during Nikaah (main marriage) but will not feast there.
    • The marriage should take place in a Mosque and should happen at 4pm. This was introduced with an idea that no one can play bands or burn firecrackers in a mosque and since it will be 4pm, it wouldn’t be a time for Lunch or Dinner either.
  • Then an infamous sting operation done on another greedy family by a strong girl Rani Tripathy from Mumbai (was in news a few years ago) was shared. It was indeed good to learn that there are people who not only feel that this is not right but have also fought against it to teach lesson to the crooks.
  • Most amusing part of the show was the revelations by a few north-eastern people who proudly shared that DOWRY as a system is not at all present in that part of the country. In fact, it’s the boy’s family which takes care of everything that a girl does during the marriage including her clothes and other nitty-gritties. I must say it is really commendable!
  • Last but not the least, the peppy solo “Rupaiyyah” in the end of the show was really very well written and equally well sung. It fit the show completely and am sure must have induced strength in people watching the show.

That was about today’s episode – in my view.

Now, as I had shared in the beginning of the post that this issue is not alien to me – what does that mean? It means that I have seen many thing around me which had always made me think that why do these things exist in the first place. I will try to put down those in words for all to read. I will share that soon in next post.

I will also share my views about how this evil can be curbed with a collective effort from all sections of society who are a party to this.

All those how could not watch the show on TV can watch it below:

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  1. Mahi says:

    Hi Amir ji muje komal sethi ka koi contact no mil sakda muje onse marige Karni a plz koi no ha apke pass Onka plz send me

  2. aarti sharma says:

    being an advocate i realy appriciate such serial to aware the people for their rights because there is is too need for such kind of programmes.

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