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SATYAMEV JAYATE 11 – Old Age – a reality of life; lets embrace it!!

SATYAMEV JAYATE 11 – Old Age – a reality of life; lets embrace it!!

Satyamev Jayate’s episode on 14th July, talks about Indian culture. Aamir asks his audience what makes Indian culture stand different from the others. In reply, the audience mentioned that kids can sleep along with parents, we get to see 3 generations live under the same roof and the respect that the young give the elders. Aamir tells his audience that, India is the only country where people fall on the feet of their elders with due respect. Even today a 100 million Indians start he day by touching the feet of their elders. And in turn the elder give Aashirwad (blessing) by saying ‘jug jug jiyo’ and also when sometimes we think of someone and they call us, we tell them ‘sau saal jiyoe’ (you’ll like a 100 years).

Aamir asks if, do all elders get the respect they deserve? He introduces the audience to an old lady Krishna Dawer, who lived in a happy big joined family with her husband and had everything to thank god about. Her kids were her life and she brought them up with a lot of love. After her husband passed away, she lived all alone in the ground floor of the bungalow and lived with the wonderful memories. One day, life took a turn for her. She never expected something like that would happen to her. Her son who lived on the first floor of the house started putting pressure on her. 42% of the house’s share was in her name and 29 % in the younger brother’s name. He wanted her to sign the property’s full share in his name but she refused. When she was off to Dehradun, he threw all her belonging on the road and locked the house from inside. For many hours, the helpless lady was sitting outside, not knowing what to do. After the support from the police and passers by, after 9 hours, at around 3:30 am she was able to get back inside her house. Another couple Gahininath Bhosale and his wife Kusum went through the same thing. They slogged for every penny at young age to give their children the best. A father, Ashok Panchal, who held his son’s hand when small, was shattered when the same son threw his clothes out of the house and told him he cant live in the house any more. Mangala Khadilkar today lives in an old age home because her son abandoned her.

The pain that these old people and god knows how many other parents face at old age is just unbearable for them, that they reach a point where they have no more tears to shed. It is such an awful sight to see parents being treated like that. The parents sometimes get forced and have no choice left but to go and stay in an old age home. One such is ‘Maitri India’, which is an institution that works on making life better for the helpless abandoned old age people.

Aamir wraps up the show, by saying, we must never think that our elders are our weakness. They are our strength. They have knowledge, belief, love, thoughts, power and respect. They are our past and future too. As a part of our society, we must give them a chance to shine at old age too. We must be by them and encourage them at every walk of their life. Old age doesn’t mean your life is over but it means you have come to another new chapter in your life.

The hands that held us and fed us when we where just born should be held with care and when we see the lines on their hand we must see our future in it. Only with their blessings our life will be bright and prosperous.

By: Meera Kukreja, Galatta.com

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