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Positive Energy & The law of conservation of Energy

Positive Energy & The law of conservation of Energy

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed – that is the Law of Conservation of ENERGY!

We have been hearing since ages that everything in the universe exudes and consumes energy. Phrases like ‘Positive/negative environment’ or ‘he is a person with positive/negative energy’ are not alien to anyone of us.


    1. What is this energy?


    2. If it cannot be created or destroyed then where is it hidden?

Let’s try to answer these questions!

We often say “he/she is a person with positive energy” or “I feel positive energy when I am with him/her”. What exactly does that mean?


It is the love, affection, care, understanding that the other person exudes and I consume all that, it stimulates the feeling of happiness, calm, joy or bliss in me and that is when I would call it positive energy.

Same happens when someone throws anger, hatred, jealousy, discrimination towards me that I feel an inflow of negative energy in me. This diminishes the feeling of happiness and disturbs the equilibrium inside me and I might behave erratically – contrary to my normal state of being.

So, at least we clearly know which energy is good and which is not good for our well being.
Now, what about the second question?

If energy cannot be created or destroyed then it must be present somewhere already. I know that my soul needs love and affection to feel happy, but I always expect someone to give that to me. I want others to love me, be affectionate, understand me – so that I can feel the positive energy and in turn be happy.

As per the Law of Conservation of Energy, all this already exists – love, affection, care is all around.

Then why am I not happy at all time?
It is because I am not connected to the source of energy which can supply that to me, directly. We have heard people say – ‘Nobody likes me’ ‘Nobody loves me’ Everybody hates me’, ‘Nobody cares for me’ and so on. They feel so because they were expecting these energies from other people, from someone else.


The real reason for our misery is not that we do not get positive energy but is actually not looking for it enough!

The source of positive energy is hidden within each one of us – it’s our normal state of being. Being happy is my normal state of being – if it gets disturbed, I do not have to look outside but remind myself that I am a happy person and whatever is happening is outside of me – I will have to prevent whatever it is from penetrating this INNER armor of happiness.

Try this, if you are ever feeling low or dejected – close your eyes for a while and think of the brightest moment of your life – you will realize that suddenly you are filled with positive energy.
That’s how the Law of Conservation of Energy works.
The energy was stored in some part of the mind, as a memory of an event which happened in the past – when you tickle that part, it becomes alive again and fills you with the same energy again.

Yes, same is the case with negative energy as well – but then I say, it’s up to you to decide if you want to decorate your house with beautiful flowers or want to store trash.
Holding back to trash, waste or bad memories builds negative energy in oneself and once you have something inside you, it will be seen or felt by others at some or the other time.


So, let go – erase – delete all bad memories from

 your life, so that when you sit back to relive the moments – all you feel is positivity.

All that we need to do is keep the moments of happiness and bliss always alive in our mind and never let any ‘not so happy’ moment stay over and spoil the party!


One act of kindness can, in turn, create millions of similar acts, with the energy that already existed!

Spread love and affection – for that is what we are here for and that is our normal state of being!

Do let me know what you feel about this in comments below and spread the positivity.

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