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Policies & Processes —Are they really HELPING?

Policies & Processes —Are they really HELPING?

Policies & Processes are the lifelines of any organization; big or small. These are a set of guidelines/actions which are expected to improve the efficiency of everything related to business.

Organizations with the right set of policies/processes are expected to perform better than those running in whimsical ways.

HOWEVER, is that the case in reality? Are organizations really running on efficient processes? Or do corporations engage in Process Management for the heck of it? Do they audit/examine the utility/benefits of the processes implemented across the company?

Reality is far from the expectation and that is really sad. Corporations create policies & processes that do not serve the purpose of helping efficient functioning; instead, they end up complicating things by adding layers of non-value add compliances & bureaucratic steps.

Bigger corporations suffer from this even more since these have more people in the hierarchy for everything, which makes things even more difficult to move.

Rounds of approvals and explanations and compliances to senseless steps make corporations lose effort & time – but the sad part is it all is done in the name of Process Adherence, which is merely a tick in a checkbox.

Corporations should put real concerted efforts while devising a policy or a process considering every aspect of business and not do things just because everyone is doing it or because someone in the boardroom is not happy with something.

These things IMPACT people on the ground the most, who actually IMPACT the performance at the top the most!

Do you agree? Would you want to share an example? Let me know in the comment.



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