Pune, India



Every morning, when the first ray of the rising SUN,

pierce through the shielding window;

I look at her as she lay besides me,

her face shines with an unblemished golden glow.


Her eyes are shut and she looks so calm,

I keep staring at her admiring the innocence on her face;

It seems as if the time has stopped for a while,

and I feel as if life is a beautiful journey and not an endless race.


A journey, in which you need someone to be beside you,

to stand by you in the thick and thin;

To have that SOMEONE in your life makes it complete,

it then remains no RACE for you to win.


It has been years now that my morning starts that ways,

looking at her cuddling in the sheets, trying to dodge the rays;

I would give all my life to have same morning, every morning,

for the rest of my life, even if LIFE has just a handful of days!!

Thanks for being there – every MORNING and making it SPECIAL!!
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Comments: 7

  1. Shruti says:

    Didnt know there is a poet in there besides all the other stuffs……. Hi Manav… GOOD TO C U after a long time…

  2. Danny Simon says:

    Great post! Keep the romance alive! The world needs more loving couples that don’t break up!

    • Manav Lalotra says:

      Thanks Danny.. Indeed we need more love than anything else in the world today!!

  3. bhavana says:

    You are a lucky man…and more than that you have a lucky woman who is so much loved!!!! My best wishes to her:) A very sensual poem–liked it!

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