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#100WordstoIMPACT – ‘Power of Engagement’

Engaging people with subtle gestures can go a long way in creating a sense of belonging – be it with employees at work or with kids at school. Read the story!

Happy Independence Day INDIA – wait, are we REALLY independent?

India celebrates completion of 71 years of independence! A great day to ponder if we are really independent as a society. Have we really progressed or are we still on the path of regression!

#100WordstoIMPACT – ‘Self Belief’

Every individual has immense potential to do great things, to be a great person. It’s the world that tells otherwise. Believe in yourself and reach for the stars!

#100WordstoIMPACT – ‘The Second Language’

100 words stories to make an impact! The second language – the case of perceptions and biases. Open up to the world and world will open up to you.

IKEA arrives in India, finally – First IKEA store opens in Hyderabad

IKEA arrives in India, finally – First IKEA store opens in Hydrabad. The store employs 950 co-workers with 50 percent women employee in Hyderabad directly and 1,500 indirectly in services and expects to host close to 7 million visitors each year.

Dhoni & Run Adam – What the real news is and what Media tells us!

MS Dhoni recently picked up 25% stake in a sports tech start-up called ‘Run Adam,’ but media tells us only about his views on Virat Kohli and World cup!

Basic TIPS to maximize Reach & Engagement for CONTENT

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SERIES In the series of sharing tips on creating great CONTENT and increasing engagement – this post lists a few basic tips that can help to maximize Social Media reach for your content. 1. Story-telling: With ever-reducing attention spans, people do not want to engage with preachy content – they do not wish …

How to create Great CONTENT?

Content Management Tips  Content is meant to either EDUCATE or ENTERTAIN – best yet, do both! If your content is not doing either, you need to relook at your style & strategy. There a few basics and there are few specifics too – depending on WHY do you write. Basic guidelines for writing engaging content are: …

“HOW TO” answer the basic question in a job interview – Tell me something about yourself?

“Tell Me Something About Yourself?” “Tell me about yourself” is a question that most interviewees expect and it is the most difficult to answer as well. Though one could answer this open- ended question in a myriad of ways, the key to answering this question or any other interview question is to offer a response …

“HOW TO” reduce STRESS?

Sometimes it seems as if we’re on a collision course with insanity. The pace of life, the endless demands and incessant contact through email, cell phones, and other “electronic leashes” seem to keep us in a constant state of alert. I’m convinced that stress management is as much about the little ways we decompress daily …

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