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mustseeindia – A brilliant Travel Planning Portal

mustseeindia – A brilliant Travel Planning Portal


I have not been travelling much lately but whenever I do, I ensure that I am well prepared. My profession has shaped me so to plan everything and hence tickets, hotel bookings, itinerary etc. are must to be in place for me. Let it be travelling to my home-town for a personal visit or a leisure holiday with family – I prefer to plan in advance.

Many a times, we have wasted long weekends only looking for the RIGHT destination, RIGHT mean of transport, RIGHT hotel, RIGHT this and RIGHT that – and at the end – I take a RIGHT turn from my building to go to my office on Monday L).

At other times, I did take help of professional travel agencies – only to be faced with false promises and had to let-go of the idea of holiday at those times.

There indeed is a battery of Online Travel Portals, which offer a whole lot of features including online bookings of tickets, comparison of rates for hotels and even packages for holidays! They serve the purpose of bookings and rates comparison. But what about holiday planning??
I do not want to travel on a ready-made holiday planned by people taking GENERAL needs into consideration! My and my family’s need are specific and it is ought to be different at different times. So, I am still left alone with my pad and pen, writing down all the available flights, list of hotels, rates etc. and trying to work out the best plan for my family. Lot of hassle ‘eh – you bet!!

I recently came across another online portal named www.mustseeindia.com . At first it felt as if these guys have got into I have been referring this site to all my friends who are avid travellers and especially to those who have had a battery of bad experiences in terms of planning the holidays in the past.my brain somehow and have stolen my idea of how a travel should be planned. It does everything that I do with my pad and pen to plan a holiday. It covers all aspects of holiday from selection of hotels to picking up mode of transport to sights you wish to cover to literally everything – and at the same time considers the most important factor – BUDGET!

It tells you how much you will be spending at every point during creation of the package as per your prescribed budget for spending.

A wonderful job done by the team of mustseeindia.com.

I wouldn’t say much about it now – why don’t you see for yourself.. @ www.mustseeindia.com

Do let me know what you feel about it!!



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