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Learning from ANNA HAZARE’s Anti-corruption movement – My view

Learning from ANNA HAZARE’s Anti-corruption movement – My view


Although this movement have a set agenda and a specific outcome is desired out of this – a very strong and effective LOKPAL BILL.

However, I tried to look at this in a different light!! There are many more learning for us as to take away from this nation-wide common thread of protests:

1. We can have peaceful, non-violent protests and the results of such protests are more dignified and fast.

2. To have unconditional support of all the citizens of nation irrespective of caste, creed and financial status it is very important to build a common thread – the way this Anti-Graft movement has connected people of all sections of the society together, it proves that we don’t have to force people to come together for any manufactured issue for any political interest of a handful of people.

3. The events that have unfolded in last few days have educated the citizens of India about their rights and now the common man is better prepared to choose his representative in government bodies.

4. The customary mindset about the youth of India has completely changed in last 2 weeks. Youngsters with goatee beards, spiked hair, tattooed bodies and piercings all over the body are coming forward in thousands of numbers with ANNA’s images painted on their shirts, bodies and are raising slogans like INQALAB ZINDABAD and VANDE MATRAM – its an unprecedented sight. It is an evidence of the fact that YOUTH of INDIA is equally aware and concerned about the condition of the social system of the country.

5. Support from all sections of the society is being extended to the movement. Those who are protesting on the roads and have gathered at Ramlila ground or other such places are very visibly demonstrating their support. However, those who are not there on roads are also not sitting just like that, in fact they are doing whatever in their capacity to be connected with the crusade against corruption. Evidently, when DABBAWALAS of Mumbai decide to go for a strike for a day, their customers (the number is more than 2 lacs) gladly supported their stand with an intent to contribute to the movement.

6. The wide outrage that has been seen in last 2 weeks across the length and breadth of India has given clear signals to political groups to better mend their ways for future, since surfacing of any more scams will only deteriorate their position in country. This wave of education amongst the common man will play a vital role in steering the course of action for the governments in future.

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