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How to write a GREAT Bio to build your Online Image without sounding promotional?

How to write a GREAT Bio to build your Online Image without sounding promotional?

We all come across content online where an individual or a company brags about itself to the extent of sounding narcissist. It is a typical reaction to feel that way about such content, and it’s creator too, of course.
But then how does one figure out what is the right way to write or talk about oneself without crossing the line and still build a good online image?
As it is said, ‘Brand is what YOU say about yourself and Reputation is what OTHERS say about you.’
However, in this equation, how and what you say about yourself makes all the right difference. Since people looking for you or your company online are more interested in knowing the real YOU – so that is what you should focus on telling them.

Today, people use tons of social media platforms to engage and share information about themselves and their company. The first thing after the logo/display image that readers get to see is the BIO which contains the key information about the individual/company.

Below are a few pointers on how you can write GREAT Bios and share relevant information about you that can help you build your BRAND:

Have a goal in mind:
You must know what you want from the personal brand that you are building – it is a job, or consulting assignments, or clients, or to become a thought leader in your domain of work! Your messaging needs to talk about things that can help you get the desired results through right visibility.

Showcase your skills & accomplishments:
Once you have the goal in place, you must build your bio to showcase relevant skills and all accomplishments that you have so far to establish your authority in the domain. You should not hold back from listing your best project, awards won, endorsements by key people, key skills, any media feature, etc. Listing all these things and more will increase the possibility of relevant audience connect with you on one or more areas that they might be seeking for engagement.

Often people make a grave mistake of TEMPLATIZING their bio, picking up from other people’s profiles or random SUGGESTED templates. Remember, it’s YOUR bio, and it has to speak about you. Make it as unique about you, though it won’t be an easy job to do – still, figure out how you can make the reader connect with YOU through your bio itself. Share personal things such as your hobbies, what you love doing the most, how you spend your weekends, love for your family and kids, etc – do not shy away from sharing such personal details as it only makes people feel more connected with a HUMAN BEING.

Avoid writing about yourself in First Person in detailed descriptions:
The most significant sign of self-bragging is the use of ‘I’ in the content – that means referring to yourself as the first person. It does sound contradictory to above point where you should be as YOU as possible but then how do you NOT refer to yourself while writing about you, right? Well, not really. What you need to do is – instead of mentioning ‘I have managed multi-million dollar accounts for a fortune 100 company’ – you can say ‘Manav has managed multi-million dollar accounts for a fortune 100 company’. See, you can make the difference here itself, isn’t it? Protip: Such descriptions improve your featuring in online searches.

Build bio as per the platform:
Different online platforms have different formats for bio & description. For instance – LinkedIn profile summary section allows you to add about 200 characters whereas Twitter allows only 160 and similarly Facebook, Instagram and other platforms have their own formats. If you have a website, you have a limitless space to write about yourself. Hence, it’s important to connect this with the first pointer of the post – what is your GOAL from each platform that you use! Build unique descriptions on each of these platforms that you are on and ensure that you attract the attention of the readers to the right areas.

These are a few pointers that can help you write the most powerful bio descriptions that can prove to be the boosters in the process of building the digital brand for yourself. If you still find it a task to get it done, drop me a note and I will be able to work with you on this.

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