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“HOW TO” manage CHANGE effectively in the organisation?

Me standing over at my cubicle and addressing the team is a common sight at the workplace these days. I have sessions with the team about the recent developments in the organisation and also about the road ahead for all of us as a team. The anxiety that prevails within the team is an obvious function of …

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Performance can be simply put as an act of doing something! In most cases, it is referred to as an act happened in past, which means performance is something which has been done or carried out. But then we often talk about performance in future tense as well, like “the product will perform …

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“HOW TO” have Right People at Right Jobs?

 In last few years of my career, I have had a chance to work with best of the professionals in very conducive organizational set-ups and the learning has been astounding. I have been put on a fast track since the early days of my career and due to having an opportunity to work …

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