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Heartcount over Headcount – that’s all that matters!

Heartcount over Headcount – that’s all that matters!

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If we look back – it all started with ‘Hands to work’ in the Industrialization era.
Workers were expected to perform GIVEN tasks and that would be it. There were a select people putting their heads into things. It was an apt thing to do at that age, maybe.

Then the world moved on to the Technology Era – the ‘IT Age’. A new mantra – ‘Heads to work’ evolved. People were expected to think, create, innovate and analyze. The thinking was not left to a select few but everyone played a role in it. All the best companies that were created in that age were built by teams which came together and put their heads in it, collectively. Good thing for that age. However, it did give rise to ego clashes and fall-outs; we have plenty of examples.

Today, we already are in an age where the only mantra that will work is ‘Hearts to Work’. It’s no more about someone deciding what others should do or people fighting over their egos to prove who is right – it’s the age where people will give more than they have if their HEART is into it!

It does not matter really if anyone agrees to this or not – as it does not change the equation in any way 🙂

This was in response to a post in my network on Heartcount over headcount. 

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