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Happy Independence Day INDIA – wait, are we REALLY independent?

Happy Independence Day INDIA – wait, are we REALLY independent?

India celebrates it’s 71st year of independence from the British Rule today, and the entire nation is basking in patriotic ecstasy.
Of course, it’s a day to cherish, celebrate and remember the great sacrifices made by the freedom fighters to give us a free country.
The tricolor flag is being hoisted on every pivotal building, square, street, school, housing societies and even on the dashboards of the cars – what a treat to the eyes!

I too am equally ecstatic about the day and hold great pride in living in a free country.

However, a part of me ponders on a question: Are we really free and independent?
We hear about pronounced issues in our system and society such as poverty, unemployment, terrorism, the crime against women, corruption – which are not exclusive to our country but the whole world is suffering from these at different levels.
My mind hovers around other subtle but very critical issues that our society suffers from today and in a way society itself is responsible for its state.

I so wish that this year, we get freedom from:

1. The regressive mindsets

Seeking reservation in the name of caste or religion in the critical areas of development (such as science, medicine, administration, Education, Law & Order and many more), discriminating in the name of caste, religion, region, language, color – how can a society prosper when it’s shackled with so many evil mindsets?

2. Controlled & biased narrative of Main Stream Media and journalism

Journalism & Media are pegged to be a vital pillar (collectively) of the growth and uplifting of any society. It has the power to bring about the truth in the most subtle way to influence people to do wonders.
Every struggle for independence was primarily supported through media & journalism in every part of the world. However, it’s so sad that Media has turned into a BUSINESS (just that) in this country.
People take pride in the facts that India has more than 500 news channels, over 50k newspapers and hundreds of thousands of social media channels – but that sounds scary to me.
With so many avenues of getting NEWS, I am not sure which one is TRUTH and which one is a CRATED, CRAFTED piece of information. Are you?

3. Polarized views – just about everything

From ‘wearing clothes’ to ‘eating meat’; from ‘worshipping animals’ to ‘worshipping human beings’; from ‘blindly following someone’ to ‘not agreeing with anything someone else says”; from ‘lynching someone in the name of religion & faith” to “letting someone hurt to die on the road after an accident” – we as a society are really in a messed up shape.
How and when will we get free of these things as a society?

4. The mindset to belittle soldiers

I do not have to elaborate on this point since it would be insulting the extreme sacrifices that our soldiers make for each one of us in the country to live a peaceful life.
There is a significant section of our society that takes immense pride in belittling the soldiers now and then – for little mileage for themselves!
I pity such poor souls!

5. Corporate nexus that exploits people

One of the most significant cults that have grown huge in this country is the CORPORATE!
Just like any other cult, people give away everything in their life (health, family, happiness, peace of mind, at times LIFE itself) for the fake status, position, power and money in the CORPORATE world.
Just like any other cult, the bosses sitting on top live swanky luxurious lives, created by the money earned by the people on the ground, with their sweat and blood.
You enter it with dreams to make a great life but all that you keep doing is survive; every day.
I do not see a way to get free from this as it is a very thick nexus – a cult! People with vested interests have no regards for human lives and values. The whole system is designed in a way that it destroys the very source that it breeds on – Human beings; without them realizing the effects.

6. Keyboard wars

If you switch to any news channel, you get a feeling that the country is doomed and everything is dark and gory.
But when you head towards the social media – you feel that the country is so loved and protected because everyone loves it so much.
You find people sharing posts of Army men, Tricolor, social work done by people, abuses and insults hurled at people from THE other country in defense of our own – wow, what can do any wrong to a nation full of such patriotic people.
BUT, the truth is that most of these people are KEYBOARD WARRIORS who are hitting the keys on their computers or phones with all the rage but do not care a heck in real life.
What a shame!

I have to stop right here since it’s filling me with a sense of rage while thinking of all these issues.

My point is obvious – NO power in the world can do any good for a SOCIETY if itself doesn’t want any good to be done.
Our society is severely SICK from the inside; no external treatment can cure it.

All that said, still, we have a reason to celebrate today. Let’s enjoy our freedom, for whatever it means to the people of today!




Do feel free to add, support, counter or blatantly deny the points raised above – do share your thoughts in comments.

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Comments: 4

  1. Naveen Dogra says:

    Manav you have a very clear understanding of what you come up with, I love reading your articles and do get inspired, I can’t talk of others however this Independence Day I would definitely work on areas where you really made me think hard.

    Look forward for your new post.

    • Manav Lalotra says:

      I appreciate your kind words Naveen and am glad that the post resonated with you. I will keep you posted about the new posts as and when they are out! Thanks!

  2. Vikram Jain says:

    I completely echo you Manav. Infact You stole the words from my mouth. From morning, the time when I started receiving Independence day wishes from people, I was wondering if we can really claim our freedom!! Knowing the societal, economical and political nuisance that we are sorrounded with. I too wanted to respond to people with something that will make them rethink, but couldn’t find with words the way you did. I appreciate your thought and am in sync with it. Keep blogging.?

    • Manav Lalotra says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Vikram and inspiring me to keep writing. I am glad that we think alike and am sure if more people get equally sensitive about these issues, we will see changes for good around us. For, it’s people who make or break a society or a country!

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