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Google Duplex AI Assistant to save time for an average person – to do what?

Google Duplex AI Assistant to save time for an average person – to do what?

Google Duplex – an AI Assistant making calls for people, booking tables and making reservations!

Wow, we are moving ahead in tech, aren’t we?

The piece from The Verge cites all possible issues with a bot making calls and the person on the other end not knowing about it – might create serious social issues related to trust and civility.

I, instead have a different question to ask here!

Apparently, the CORE REASON behind all these advancements in tech is cited to SAVE TIME that an average person spends on such tasks.



What are we SAVING all this TIME for?

What is an AVERAGE person expected to do with all the SAVED TIME?

What is being done to make that time PRODUCTIVE?

From where I see it, all the time in the world will make an average person find more ways to KILL it – and the vicious circle goes on and on!

Remember, we are talking about an average person here, who is the hero of all these tech advancement stories! 

Let’s not get too ambitious with what an average person can do with the time!

Any views, anyone?

The Verge story here:

Watch the clip of Mr. Sundar Pichai demonstrating the capabilities of Google’s latest technology in AI.
Video from Ben Thompson’s Youtube channel!



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