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Major TRANSFORMATIONS can be brought about by CHANGING little things.

Exactly two years back, I took up the most challenging job in my career – so far.
It was a distress call as one of the very critical functions had suddenly lost the top guy – with immediate effect. The management, including my boss, showed immense trust and confidence in me asking me to take up the role. Being the enterprising guy that I am, I took up the challenge immediately.

Though people around me were little skeptical as I didn’t have any background of the new job whatsoever – neither academic nor work experience wise.
However, I went for it as I have always lived by the rule –

When an opportunity comes up, say YES first – learn HOW to do it later!

– as said by Richard Branson

Anyway, this isn’t about me. It’s about the team I get to manage in the new role.

I had just about a few hours of hand-over from my predecessor – which eventually went by talking about PEOPLE in the team. I was given a brief about the strengths & shortcomings of each person and what all they have been doing in the organization. Along with general feedback, some biased inputs also came up about certain people.
I took all the information as it is – filtered it and stacked it in various compartments in my head (yes, you can do that – will write about the method sometime in future).

As always, I started on a fresh note – addressed the team the next day I took over, gave them the assurance that I was there to help them bring out their best, which would, in turn, benefit the organization.

Time passed by and we delivered excellent results, one after another – brought the team to one of the valued teams in the organization. Everyone in the team contributed to the success all this while – bringing up overall CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) score for the team.

Incidentally, the person, whom I had received the strong feedback about, and was told that he wouldn’t be with us for more than a few weeks – came out to be the most valuable member of the team.

Eventually, he spearheaded few of the most critical deliveries – front faced internal customers to their satisfaction.

Result – was one place from the TOP performance rating in the first Year and went on to bag the TOP rating in the year after.

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If I have to point out what made this impressive turn-around in an individual – two things come to my mind, distinctly. It was because we both TRUSTED each other and he was EMPOWERED completely to perform his job.

There were instances where he felt stuck, impatient and restless. I intervened on all those occasions to talk him out of the situation, and the bond grew with time. 

Recently, we had a heart to heart chat over coffee where he shared that he feels that he evolved as a person over these years. He was filled with gratitude for the opportunities and went on to claim that he understands Leadership in a much better way now, which is helping him being a good one himself. 

He always had a feeling that someone is around to take care of him (his words, not mine), which gave him the confidence to take risks.


I was reflecting on the past years while preparing next year’s plan for the team when these thoughts came to my mind, and I felt it’s a story worth sharing with the world.

These subtle but powerful instances in real life help us in realizing the POWER of TRUST & EMPOWERMENT. These are not the things to be confined to theory but to be brought into application in real life.

Ever felt the same? Want to share the story? Comment or write to me at manav@manavlalotra.com



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