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Everyday MUSINGS 3: ‘HONESTY begets HONESTY’

Everyday MUSINGS 3: ‘HONESTY begets HONESTY’


It was a usual weekday morning, and I was driving down to my office, maneuvering the chaotic traffic. It looks like this (image below) – every day of the month, throughout the year.

I would skip describing the traffic conditions and will only say – it is a road to one of the largest IT parks in India, rest is history.

Though I have developed sharp ninja-level driving skills spending years on the same road, getting brushed by a fellow vehicle on the road is a part of life for me, like most of the other commuters. We do not create a fuss about it anyway!

This very morning, I was driving as usual; maneuvering through (mostly with the help of my muscle memory) when I got pushed by a cab a.k.a ‘Yellow Plate Demons of Road’ out of my lane. As I had another vehicle on the other side, I found myself driving in between two lanes – with cars driving very close to me on both the sides. I knew I had to move to either of the lanes quickly!

As soon as I found a gap towards my left, I steered my car to get into the lane. But suddenly the car in front of me braked hard – very hard! I tried but couldn’t brake fast enough to prevent hitting the car in front. I could tell from experience that it was a soft thud and should not have damaged much.

The person from the car in front came out hurriedly, a young guy, in the early 20s and walked towards me.

He was pissed, I could tell. But I was very calm since I knew it would not have damaged anything. I stepped out, went to his car which was a couple of feet ahead and checked for any damages. It was as I expected – just one of the Reverse Sensors had popped out of the casing – no other scratch or dent.

The kid was continuously murmuring in my ear – he looked scared though. I could sense that he must have borrowed his dad’s car and now was shit scared due to what had happened. I tried to console him saying it happens as we drive on the road in such congested condition.

However, he didn’t seem to get cooled down with any of that, and by that time we had people behind us honking to get a way.

I insisted that he takes my contact number and we will talk about it. Initially, he didn’t take it, which left me confused as to what did he want – I insisted again, and he agreed this time.

He saved my number in his phonebook instantly and called me right away to confirm if the number was authentic. Once he was convinced that it was my number as my phone rang in front of him, he got into his car and moved on. I moved on to reach my office too. This entire episode lasted a couple of minutes.

I reached my office in another 15 minutes and was entering the building when I got a call from him (I had saved his number too). As soon as I picked the call, the kid charged at me stating that there was significant damage to the rear bumper of his car and I should pay for the damages. He didn’t let me respond and kept on yelling.

Next, he said,

“My dad is in Police. So you better pay for the damages. I have got it checked, and it will cost 17 grands, which you will have to pay. You dare not ignore my calls as my father is a policeman.”

I was smiling while he was trying to be the tough guy as I knew he was trying to pressurize me to get some money out – assuming it would work.

Anyway, as soon as we stopped to gather his breath – I said,

“Good to know your father is in police kid, why don’t you give me his number and I will talk to him directly to settle this! It was me who gave you my number, then what makes you think I will not take your call?

Also, I did see your car in the mornning and in no case was there such a significant damage!

However, if you are saying so – I trust you. It was my fault as I was driving behind so I will pay whatever it takes to repair your car.”

You tell me how you want me to pay – directly at the service center or should I wire it to your bank account?” 

He took a pause and responded:

“I will call you in the evening, sir”

His reference to me as SIR was unexpected but pleasant. He hung up, and I went on with my day at work.

Two days passed by but I didn’t hear from him. So, I decided to call him to check what was happening with his car. I called him in the afternoon, but he didn’t answer it. I didn’t call again assuming he will call back. To my surprise, I received a text from him in the evening. This is what he sent:

This episode left me with a pleasant experience, which I can summarize with one statement – Honesty begets Honesty.

Many a time, we tend to do things or behave in certain ways ASSUMING things. That leads to misunderstandings, which can potentially turn ugly and consume a lot of energy of all the people involved.

However, if we are HONEST and TRUE in our conduct & behavior – it does seek the same from the other person as well, automatically.

That’s the LAW OF KARMA, and no one can deny that, for sure.


Have you experienced anything similar? Would you care to share the same with us here? Let it out for everyone to learn from it.

Stay well and stay amused!


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    • Manav Lalotra says:

      Thanks Abhisek, am glad that you could relate with the story. What all topics do you prefer reading and engaging with online?

  1. […] Everyday MUSINGS 3: ‘HONESTY begets HONESTY’ […]

  2. […] Everyday MUSINGS 3: ‘HONESTY begets HONESTY’ […]

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