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DOCTORS upset over Satyamev Jayate – Behaving like Cats on hot tin roof!!

DOCTORS upset over Satyamev Jayate – Behaving like Cats on hot tin roof!!

What can be crasser than a handful of self-proclaimed IDEALIST doctors picking up on Aamir Khan for his show Satyamev Jayate, which probed into wrongs of doctors in the profession? The disturbed set of doctors claims that the remarks of Aamir Khan have not gone down well with the fraternity.

Since then the circus has begun on the grounds of a few most atrocious news channels of our country. Self righteous people including the news host and the guest doctors are debating the issue at top of their voices. I am annoyed and upset (as usual) on the stance of all of these argumentative people for the silly areas that they are focusing on instead of looking at the bigger picture, which actually is the need of the hour.

I could not stop myself from dissecting the issues raised by Medical fraternity about the show. Let’s look at what is paining these doctors at all the wrong places:

First concern:

The show ‘exaggerated’ the extent of unethical practices in the profession.

My view:

I do not solicit that the facts/figures shared in the show should be taken as accurate since there cannot be a reference for  validation. However, are we saying that these practices do not exist at all? We all have been victims of these CUT Practices at some point in our lives. Surprisingly, the top officials at Indian Medical Association have asked Aamir to share the names of such doctors who are involved in CUT practices and IMA would immediately take actions against them. I feel that in that case they should step down from their positions and we should have some RAMU KAKA or some BAHADUR THAPA or some PAANDU HAVALDAR to run the association, since they would also act effectively if all information has to come from outside!! What is IMA doing if it does not have any clue about such malpractices?

Moreover, none of the doctors came forward to explain the logic behind the BASIN TEST as shared in the show. Should we assume that since no one is clarifying it so what Aamir explained is the truth? Doctors (the entire community) should be ashamed of it if that is the case!! We all have been witness to the helpless position Dr. Talwar (Head- Medical Council of India) was in when Aamir was probing about the condition of medical services in country today.

Second Concern:

The show only shared the BAD side of the profession.

My view:

I reject that concern totally since the show had all the versions of the profession ranging from a family doctor giving right suggestion to the patient after another one misguided them to the good work being done by Rajasthan government in providing cheap and good quality medicines to the needy patients.

It’s a shame that doctors being highly educated and learned fail to understand that no issue will have only one aspect to it, rather it will be based on a standard expectation and if there is any deviation from that then only it can be discussed as a malpractice. We expect our doctors to conduct their business in a particular manner and if they fail to do so, then only the concern would be raised. Why would anyone raise a finger on someone or some profession if things are working as expected?

Moreover, the medical services are of utmost importance to people! This show has brought a lot of things to the forefront which would have not been known by common man otherwise. I have seen change in the way doctors operate now when recently I visited one of the renowned doctors for treatment. Though he is our family doctor and we have a lot of faith in him, still he explained the entire prescription including the brand of the medicines that he has prescribed and the reason for prescribing the particular medicine, something he never did earlier. It might not be apt to attribute this change to Aamir’s show, but what is encouraging to learn is that things are getting better and transparent.

As I look at it, the show is to bring forth the issues in the society and make people aware of them. If doctors are looking for praises for the good work then IMA should hold some ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS for them (must be happening somewhere I believe)!

Third Concern:

Why doctors are targeted when the entire society is CORRUPT?

My view:

I feel that no individual doctor was named in the show and neither are the doctors targeted here! The show was about a system that has evolved over the years and is hitting us in the face now. But yes, if you are corrupt and evil, as described in the show – then you must feel targeted.

So are we saying that all those who are creating so much of hue and cry over the show are all corrupt? Well, we are not saying anything but they themselves are saying it. Aren’t they?

Fourth Concern:

Aamir Khan should look into his own life before preaching right and wrong to others.

My view:

There might be many flaws in Aamir as an individual. He might have done some terrible things in his personal life. But my question to all ill-wit and immature individuals who are so deeply engrossed in denigrating him is that how has Aamir’s personal life affected their LIVES? The people asking such question seem to be highly irrational to me. To me it is the last resort of the fool to make a personal assault on an individual in order to reclaim his own fake dignity. I do not find such people worthy of any consideration or attention in the first place. I would always keep Aamir’s personal life away while appraising his brave and remarkable attempt to contribute towards making our society a better place to dwell.

A few unfortunate people are also comparing Aamir Khan with Gandhiji, claiming that Aamir is trying to be a Gandhi of modern times! I guess these people are expecting Gandhiji to come back from the deads and help them. God, please bless these poor souls with some wit and sense.

To me, Aamir is just one amongst us but with more resources and a platform to make an impact on the society. I am glad that he chose to make the right one!

Fifth Concern:

Aamir khan himself is charging whopping 3 crores for the show but is preaching that doctors should serve the poor for free.

My view:

I have been a regular follower of Aamir’s show and I do not recall any instance where he has made any appeal to doctors to serve for free. Rather he has only requested to stop the malpractices. Curbing the CUT practices only would make medical services well within reach of everyone. It’s not about charging nothing but charging what is pertinent. A required surgery should be done but the patient should not be charged more than what is applicable. Cases of performing unnecessary operations / treatments not only causes added financial burden on patient and the family but also can lead to loss of life.

Aamir is a professional actor and he is charging what is applicable in his profession. I do not think that anyone of us should decide what an actor should charge for such performances. I do not believe that if Aamir declares that he would not charge anything for the show; it would have any impact on the response that the show has received or will receive in the future. It would take a phony character to not follow something that is authentic just because the presenter is charging X amount of money.

These were a few concerns of the Medical Fraternity and my personal views on the same.
I feel that the show had many important lessons for us to learn and we should not let that be clouded by the dramatic face given to it by the medical bodies, in fact they have crossed the lines of silliness by claiming that they will be boycotting Aamir’s movies as a display of anguish.

I recently have received a comment from one of the readers of my blog. It was on IMA and Medscape India’s demand for an unconditional apology from Aamir Khan. This reader happens to be a doctor herself and it was very encouraging to learn that the younger generation of doctors is devoted to the profession. Read the comment below:

“Being a doctor I will say Amir should not apologize.IMA need to apologize to public.I think private consulants such as physician, surgeons, gynaecologist are really sucking money from helpless patients.There is no limit for their consulting charges.For IVF these criminals are looting childess couples.They are charging in lacs,without guarantee.All these are happening because of our corrupt government policy.There is no good facilities in government hopsitals like other countries.That’s why these private practitioners are looting people.India’s government hospitals are in worst conditions, sometime we feel these are for animals not for human.I do not blame all doctors but some are there.If you are really hungry for money then accept other profession,,should not play with life of patient, Run practice with grace & dignity.”

Read the comment at: Comment

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