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Dhoni & Run Adam – What the real news is and what Media tells us!

Dhoni & Run Adam – What the real news is and what Media tells us!

MS Dhoni recently picked up 25% stake in a sports tech start-up called ‘Run Adam,’ that connects athletes to resources such as coaches, sponsors, academies, experts, specialists, and more.

The brand must have born a hefty fee to have one of the greatest cricketers and allegedly the coolest mind in the history of sports to be their brand ambassador. All this, for the apparent reason – to be registered in people’s minds quickly to be able to make an impact.

A press conference was planned in Mumbai to unveil the brand and Dhoni as it’s ambassador. The intent of any such event is foremost to take the business idea and the brand to more people using print and digital media houses. Hence, apparently, it’s on the news & media eco-system to bring the right information to us.

The real news here is RUN ADAM, which is expected to be India’s first sports tech-oriented platform that will help aspiring athletes hone their professional journey.
It aims to bridge the gap between the available talent in the country and the resources available to reach full potential for the athletes, which in turn will broaden, if not improve the current pool of athletes in the country.
For a small access fee, athletes can instantly connect to various resources as mentioned earlier from across the world, as put by the CEO of the company.

Such a great idea with a potential to do good to the face of sports in the country, isn’t it?

But, what do newspapers do with this news?
They tell us everything other than about the business & the brand.

Pick any paper of today, and you will find coverage of the event but with all irrelevant information – Dhoni talking about Virat Kohli, Dhoni took off the ball from umpire to practice, Dhoni preparing for the world cup – and what not.
‘Run Adam’ features only once in the entire segment, where they were forced to reveal the event where the cricketer was speaking.
In fact, one of them didn’t mention Run Adam at all – rather called it a promotional event. Ironically, it started off by stating that Dhoni was reluctant to talk about cricket – rightly so, you genius!

The legendary Times of India

Hindustan Times


A few questions here:
Who decides the relevance of the information that is fed to the readers?
Why do reporters distort the truth and only tell us what they find more leveraging?
Where is the moral code of conduct for these media houses?

I believe that for any country to progress and for any society to prosper, information plays the most vital role.
Alas, Indian Mainstream Media is failing this country time and again, every time. What a shame!

Think about the benefit such business ideas can bring to the youth of this country who are struggling for resources.
With all that said, let me attempt sharing a little about Run Adam for the readers to know, share and benefit.

From ‘Run Adam’ website:
At Run Adam, we come to work every day with the single mission of helping realize every sporting dream in the country. Many aspiring athletes in our country struggle because they don’t have access to the resources they need throughout their sporting careers.

Beginners do not have a clear plan as to how to start their sporting careers, intermediate athletes do not get the right kind of nutrition/training, and retired athletes struggle to make a livelihood out of sports. We decided we had to do something about this. And technology was the obvious answer which is why we built Run Adam, a 360-degree sports technology platform, to help and empower aspiring sportspersons all over the world.
Today, Run Adam brings together all the sports stakeholders under one platform. By integrating data, creating access, facilitating communication – the sporting ecosystem is now a click away. We are here to help realize every sporting dream – no matter what your sport is or where you come from.

With Run Adam, the sport is no more a lonely journey.

Check out their website: https://runadam.com/
email: info@runadam.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RunAdamSports
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/RunAdamSports
Insta Handle: https://www.instagram.com/RunAdamSports/

Do share this story with all sports enthusiasts and potential athletes who can achieve great heights if are provided with the right resources.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement of the brand and I am NOT associated with Run Adam, in any way!

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