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DELHI GANG RAPE CASE – Whom are WE protesting against?

DELHI GANG RAPE CASE – Whom are WE protesting against?

I have been following this grievous and appalling story of the 23 year old girl brutally molested and inhumanly treated only to be left to die. It gives me shivers when I think about what she might have gone through and might be going through right at this moment when I am writing this down. I pray for her well being and wish that she succeeds in her fight and lives!

However, I also have started to wonder about the way we deal with issues in our country. From the first AAM AADMI ANDOLAN by ANNA HAZARE in Delhi, we have come a long way in expressing our anger and dissent.

Is what is happening in Delhi now the right thing or is that we are being RIGHTEOUS?

When I see thousands of people gathered at India Gate or Raisina Hills, shouting slogans and pelting stones, asking for Death sentence for the culprits – one thing that comes to my mind is ‘WOW’ – what a performance!!

Pardon me if I hurt anyone’s sentiments here but to me its another performance of self-proclaimed crusaders of our society who go on hurling abuses and destroying public property “when something grave has happened”.

If someone is already boiling in rage at my comment – one polite question for them: How many times ever have you dealt some EVE-TEASER strongly? Never right!! Yes, I know. It never happened in front of you – isn’t it? Oh I understand! These things never happen in front of any of you – roadside romeos whistling at girls, making obscene gestures, trying to touch and grope girls in buses and trains – no, not in front of you, right! Give me a break, will you? These would be responses of a hypocrite who could very conveniently turn all guns on everyone else but himself in taking responsibility for sheltering the culprits of molestation.

2 young boys stabbed to death in Mumbai – for saving 2 girls from getting molested! Remember that case. Yes, you do now!

What do you think how many people would be standing around, as spectators of the horrendous murders? Many, right? Now, how many of the same SPECTATORS you think would be marching with a candle in their hand and a slogan on their lips on some street along with a herd of protesters! Again many, right? Do I need to explain any further??

I also wonder why people are asking the culprits of the recent rape case in Delhi to be handed over to public for punishment!! Every time its PUBLIC only which decides to play the SPECTATOR when some girl is getting molested in some bus or while walking on road!!

Oh Yes, I see – just whistling or making some comment or making some nasty gesture is not MOLESTATION – but only to you!! Not to the same goon who is doing all that. It gives him courage to go a step further and attempt something much grave. And when that happens, the same SOCIETY takes it to roads with banners and candle march! SORRY!

Wake up people! No government, no police force, no law can help the people of a country who do not help themselves. The criminals also come from the same SOCIETY where you and I come from! We have to do something to –

A) Not let such people become what they are – sounds impossible, I know.

B) Identify such faces and deal with them before they destroy some life and soul.

The question is are we brave enough to STAND for the RIGHT? Are we convinced that we as a society can make most of the difference to what GOOD or BAD happens around us?

I remember seeing a poster put by protesters which said ” Shame! Delhi Police allows RAPE”. Can anyone in sane mind tell me what that message actually mean? Do all duties lie with a handful of people just because they don KHAKHIs and are designated as POLICEMEN? Do we feel ASHAMED of ourselves as SOCIETY when key witnesses to a crime turn hostile due to god-known reasons? Or do we feel ASHAMED when no one turns up to even file complaint against culprits in thousand of cases of rape, domestic violence and molestation? No, we don’t. And this banner, to me is another part of a wonderful performance!!

Another appeal of the protesters – Death sentence for a RAPIST? Fair enough – but who can ensure that no case will come up in future where a revengeful girl accuses an innocent man of rape just to take revenge for some stupid reason? Sounds imprudent? All the crimes are imprudent. Remember, as per law – One is innocent until proven Guilty; but in our country, ONE is GUILTY until proven otherwise.

We need to see beyond just becoming a rowdy society which knows of creating equal chaos than what it protests against. The victim is alive and fighting for life, culprits are behind bars and alive, but an INNOCENT policeman, who was just doing his duty has been KILLED! Who takes the ownership for that? Do we also appeal for a FAST TRACK court for his case? Do we demand for DEATH SENTENCE for his MURDERERS? Or was he COLLATERAL DAMAGE?

I leave you with a thought about the role of SOCIETY in – not creating a hue and cry after a crime has been committed, but in becoming a deterrent in letting such things happen in the first place. Think about it, talk to yourself and share your thoughts!! I am not against the protest; in-fact I am glad that e have learnt to raise our voice, but WE need to carefully examine our own case as well before we hold everyone else responsible.

God bless!

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  1. Totally agree, Infact I wrote on similar lines in my blog post..


    The girl keep lying in her pool of blood for one and a half hour, why didn’t anybody come to help? The problem with the whole scenario is that we have created it, we are very much a part of this scenario and we don’t know where to start the correction from.

  2. Abdul says:

    I totally agree with you!!!
    When such incidents happen we just turn our faces ir are advised not interfare by our collegues or parents or some other person!!!!
    But you have to understand why people stop themselves in interfaring!!!
    They care or in some cases fear for their lives than others or when they become witnesses police harrases them instead of bringing justice!!! All matters go to court, and you also know how our juidicary works they are very time consuming!!!!!
    So common man who happens to be present at such instances does not interfare!!!
    So at the end the system has to change with a similar change in mindsets of policmen!!!

    • Manav Lalotra says:

      You are absolutely right in what you have said Abdul, but I wish I could say that I agree completely with you. I had already said in my post that all those who claim that they do not get into someone else’s fight for the fear of their own as well their dear one’s lives need to wake up the most at this moment. One cowardly act of someone can destroy the life of someone in need. And we should not forget that it equally likely to happen with any one of us as well in life. So, give the way you want to receive. Coming to t he point of police harassment, we always hear of police harassing people and all these things. But we never hear nor do we talk about the good things that police have been doing. Are we saying that 100% policemen are harassing 100% people in our country? Or are we hell bent to declare that police is responsible for everything bad in our society and that is why we focus only on those policemen who do not perform their duties properly.
      Its time for WE, THE PEOPLE to open the eyes and fight with our own internal system of society since our enemy is within us, not some alien.

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