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Creating the right culture

Creating the right culture

As read from a post by JAMES CAAN – CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw

ONE of the things that people often don’t understand or realize about companies is that their culture and style of working is not created by accident.

Creating the right atmosphere or vibe around a company is not something that happens by chance and often a great deal of effort and thought goes into the process.

Any large organisation or company has to think carefully about the culture or ambiance it creates if it is going to get the most out of its workforce.

If you take a look at digital and internet firms such as Google they are operating in an incredibly competitive market-place where attracting the right caliber of staff is key to driving the business forward.

When the rewards are roughly similar in industry sectors then it becomes even more important to create the right kind of culture in the work-place especially if you want to attract the best candidates. People perform better when they are working alongside like-minded souls in a setting where they feel comfortable, appreciated and most important of all part of a team.

Obviously every business culture is different and finding the right approach can take time. The truth is most people would not choose to go to work but that does not mean it has to be an unpleasant experience. And you can create the right atmosphere with just a little bit of thought and effort and with very little expense.

Just a few simple steps like supplying staff with a kettle, microwave, daily fruit and drinks, as well as, comfortable chairs and breakout areas can make a big difference. If people are going to spend a large part of their lives in the workplace then it is only fair that you make them feel as comfortable and valued as possible.

In fact I have found in my experience that spending lots of money on large events is not always the best way forward. The big corporate gatherings can work for training days and celebrations, but I much prefer the smaller informal gatherings for the team, which give people a chance to relax and enjoy themselves.

As I said it really doesn’t take a great deal of effort to create the right culture but the rewards in terms of staff loyalty and performance can make it even more worthwhile.

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