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Transformation of Sunday – SATYAMEV JAYATE 3 (Final part)

I now come to the last and final part of my post on Satyamev Jayate! I might look obsessed with the topic, which might be true in some sense, but I somehow hold myself (and people like me) too accountable for this menace which has become so prevalent in our society. I (we) might have …

Transformation of Sunday – SATYAMEV JAYATE 2

Image courtesy: topnews.in I am continuing from where I had left the last post.. The show’s content was so gripping that I could not move my eyes away from the TV set even during the 2 minutes long commercial break. Thought I was looking at the screen but my mind was processing the information that …

Transformation of Sunday – SATYAMEV JAYATE 1

Sunday morning! The laziest day of the week! It started as usual for me; got up at around 9:30, had morning tea, read the newspaper. Then I realized that we had planned for a trip to Lavasa today! Oh yes! What about the trip?? I shot that question to my wife immediately. She looked at me with …

Learning from ANNA HAZARE’s Anti-corruption movement – My view

Although this movement have a set agenda and a specific outcome is desired out of this – a very strong and effective LOKPAL BILL. However, I tried to look at this in a different light!! There are many more learning for us as to take away from this nation-wide common thread of protests: 1. We …

Anti Corruption Movement: My view

I have been trying to write about the most composite bustle in the country in last few days but somehow could not make time to do so!! Or should I say that I was not able to decide as to what exactly I feel about the same. Being a patriot, I am certainly with ANNA …

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