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SATYAMEV JAYATE 9 – Alcohol abuse

www.dnaindia.com This episode of Satyamev Jayatestands out for the wonderful choice of guests who shocked, informed and educated. Compared to heavier themes like female foeticide and other social ills, the much-spoken-of topic of alcoholism might seem trivial to some. A chillingly candid interview with Vijay Simha puts a human face on the misery brought about by …

SATYAMEV JAYATE 8 – Is your food really safe & healthy?

India is a country that loves to celebrate food. And in the Satyamev Jayate promos when Aamir Khan hinted at food, he was actually hinting at the poison that we consume in our daily lives A lot of speculation surrounded the eighth episode of Satyamev Jayate. In the promos, when Aamir Khan had uttered the word ‘food’, many thought …

SATYAMEV JAYATE 7 – Domestic Violence

The 7th episode of SATYAMEV JAYATE started with sharing of the domestic violence data of two different surveys. Government survey shows 40 percent of marriages have witnessed domestic violence whereas surprisingly the data increased significantly to 84 percent in the other survey conducted by a private organisation. Aamir spoke to 2 victims of domestic violence, …

SATYAMEV JAYATE 6 – We can fly!!

This week’s episode seemed more like a compilation of inspirational stories. Dealing with the issue of government’s continued indifference towards the disabled, episode 6 saw people with various disabilities on the sets of the show and documentary-style video footage screened to shed light on the plight of the differently-abled throughout India. It is not exactly a …

DOCTORS upset over Satyamev Jayate – Behaving like Cats on hot tin roof!!

What can be crasser than a handful of self-proclaimed IDEALIST doctors picking up on Aamir Khan for his show Satyamev Jayate, which probed into wrongs of doctors in the profession? The disturbed set of doctors claims that the remarks of Aamir Khan have not gone down well with the fraternity. Since then the circus has …

SATYAMEV JAYATE 5 – Is there any honor in Honor Killings?

Aamir Khan has kept the custom alive – the custom of shaking the latent conscience of our society and civic system.. He has openly questioned the guardians of barbarism to step forward and answer the question – Where is honour in HONOR KILLINGS? Ishq par zor nahi, hai ye woh aatish ‘Ghalib’  ki lagaaye na …

SATYAMEV JAYATE 4 – Apathetic plight of our HEALTH SERVICES

Aamir Khan delivered yet another thought provoking and ultra-revealing facts filled show of Satyamev Jayate on this Sunday. This time it was all the more shocking and disturbing since it was about the most elementary and essential need of human beings – healthcare. I have been trying to share my thoughts on this topic but …

‘DOWRY’ & its modern version as a SYSTEM

As I had stated in my last post on Dowry, I am sharing my views on the prevalent form of Dowry System in the country, a first-hand account of the practice. I always believed that Dowry System must have evolved thousands of years ago in our culture and must have been based on the idea …

SATYAMEV JAYATE 3 – ‘Dowry System’

There is no end to greed!! This was the baseline of today’s part of Satyamev Jayate. I somehow had a feeling that Aamir might take up the topic of DOWRY SYSTEM in next episode, and it came out to be right. Again; a neat presentation of an evil practice that is prevalent in our society. …

SATYAMEV JAYATE 2 – ‘Child Abuse’

Along with many of you, I was also wondering as to what Aamir would present next after the shocking story of female foeticide. But, must I say, he stuck yet another master stroke this time again!! Please forgive me if I am sounding ecstatic, but this appreciation is solely for Aamir and his team for presenting …

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