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Positive Energy & The law of conservation of Energy

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed – that is the Law of Conservation of ENERGY! We have been hearing since ages that everything in the universe exudes and consumes energy. Phrases like ‘Positive/negative environment’ or ‘he is a person with positive/negative energy’ are not alien to anyone of us. But,     1. What …

Put the WHIRLING MIND to rest!

Lately, I have been thinking of the lifestyle I am leading owing to my commitment towards the job and my family. I always feel that there is so much to do and so little time for that. Was just having a morning “over the cup of tea” talk with my wife discussing how one should spend the …

“HOW TO” survive the first week at a new job?

In the series of sharing some tips (out of my personal experiences)  here are a few pointers for enduring the first week at a new job. It all starts with the first day – the day of joining. No matter if you are a fresh graduate or a senior management person – everyone is anxious about the first …

“HOW TO” manage a new BOSS?

We all know it’s true: Managing up is as important as managing down. That’s especially true when you are starting a relationship with a new boss. When I switched my first job, I was apprehensive about the new person I was going to assist in next company. Then I came across this piece of writing …

ANGER – Let’s know about it!

ANGER – One of the most prominent emotions today! Almost everyone experience it today and is expressed in some form or the other. Few of us might yell or shout to express it, few might give a stare, some might use hard words and some of us (the most disillusioned ones) would do none of above …

Manager vs Leader

Managers and leaders are often referred to synonymously, but only leaders allow their employees to solve problems with their own insight. The truth of the matter is this: Every leader may not be a manager, but every manager should be a leader. It’s easy to see that leadership and management aren’t the same thing, but …

Tips to be successful at your JOB

I came across a piece while browsing through some of the work of global leaders, who have been steering some of the greatest  establishments in the world. Below is the extract of the same, which primarily was addressed to ‘New Employees’ in any organisation; however to me it seems to be mantra that everyone should …

SMART and EFFECTIVE – At the same time!

  It was just yesterday that I decided to put down my thoughts on a very common phenomenon  –  “SMARTER PEOPLE being INEFFECTIVE”. I personally have been a victim of this issue. Efficiency, as discussed here is not about BEING RIGHT but is about BEING ABLE TO GET THINGS DONE! I will start with a …

SHARING: The more you GIVE – the more you GET

I have been thinking about this since ever as to why people are such misers when it comes to sharing something with others. It need not be money or tangible assets always, but immortal possessions like knowledge, love, care, concern, empathy – these all should be shared in abundance. Or is it that we have …

BUDDHISM – A different way of life

Lately, we have been talking a lot at home about BUDDHISM, its teachings, people following the religion and the difference they have felt in their lives after they adopted the religion!! This is when an impulsive feeling started building inside me to know more about this globally putative religion. While reading through the contributions of …

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