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Change Management

Is the issue of EXTREMES hurting your CHANGE Program?

If you are managing Change Management Program in your organization for any of the following reasons: Your organization has taken over another one You are transitioning one business to another You are overhauling / revamping your Org Structure / Policy Framework You are implementing ERP in an otherwise conventionally managed organization  – this post is …

Policies & Processes —Are they really HELPING?

Policies & Processes are the lifelines of any organization; big or small. These are a set of guidelines/actions which are expected to improve the efficiency of everything related to business. Organizations with the right set of policies/processes are expected to perform better than those running in whimsical ways. HOWEVER, is that the case in reality? …


Performance can be simply put as an act of doing something! In most cases, it is referred to as an act happened in past, which means performance is something which has been done or carried out. But then we often talk about performance in the future tense as well, like “the product will perform well”, …

“HOW TO” manage a YOUNG team?

In the recent stint of my career, I had an opportunity to work with a very young team. It compelled me to share my views on the management of young subordinates in today’s business environment. The average age of my team including me would be close to 25 yrs and that number is significant when …

Heartcount over Headcount – that’s all that matters!

If we look back – it all started with ‘Hands to work’ in the Industrialization era. Workers were expected to perform GIVEN tasks and that would be it. There were a select people putting their heads into things. It was an apt thing to do at that age, maybe. Then the world moved on to …

Managing CHANGE? – Just don’t mention the word

by ROSS SWAN It is often said that change is the only constant. As oxymoronic as that may sound, it is most certainly true. The sooner we embrace or learn to embrace change, we would find ourselves less trapped in a time warp and going against the inevitable. The importance of change is accentuated especially …

“HOW TO” have Right People at Right Jobs?

In the last few years of my career, I have worked with the best of the professionals in very conducive organizational set-ups and the learning has been astounding. I have been on a fast track since the early days of my career, and due to the opportunities to work with very able leaders, my professional …

“HOW TO” manage CHANGE effectively in the organisation?

Me standing over at my cubicle and addressing the team is a common sight at the workplace these days. I have sessions with the team about the recent developments in the organisation and also about the road ahead for all of us as a team. The anxiety that prevails within the team is an obvious function of the CHANGE. …

On the edge of the ‘BENCH’

I am writing to share an incident that has made me think about the way we manage organizations today. I am associated with IT Industry since early days of my career. Being the head of the function that takes care of hiring the talent (I prefer TALENT over RESOURCE or CANDIDATE), it was a part …

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