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How LEADERS impact the organisations?

A discussion with one of my friend about how leaders shape organizations and careers led me to think deeply about this issue. Why I call this a problem is because I realized that somehow not all who reach the TOP are LEADERS. Of course, I do not have to define LEADERSHIP again for you. Right? …

Yes, LEADERS can be MADE!

By RINKU BASU    As a leader, I have been an ardent practitioner of situational leadership. It is interesting to have a topic, so complex theorized in such simple words by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson in their book ‘One Minute Manager.’ If you take a look around, everybody is practicing some style of leadership depending …


Ball Tampering – look beyond the press conferences & video clips!

Following the recent ball-tampering issue in Cricket world, I have listed a few things that I call as lessons as they do qualify as learnings for everyone in the understanding of the subject and the game. These apply to every walk of life, even corporate and work.   1. Decision Making: There is a fragile …

Creating the right culture

As read from a post by JAMES CAAN – CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw ONE of the things that people often don’t understand or realize about companies is that their culture and style of working is not created by accident. Creating the right atmosphere or vibe around a company is not something that happens by chance and often …


The design and performance of integrated systems and processes that create superior strategic, competitive and operational value through speed, flexibility and cross-purpose adaptability – can define Operational Excellence in any given organisation. Operational Excellence is a methodical approach used to drive an organization toward world-class execution, integrating Operational Excellence concepts, methods and tools into an organization’s operating …

Employee Engagement – Are they truly ENGAGED?

Most of us, at some point in our professional careers must have been in a situation where we question ourselves – What am I doing? Is there a purpose in doing that? Why am I doing what I am doing? I recently spoke to one of my newly assigned subordinates, who after putting in long …

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