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Yes, LEADERS can be MADE!

By RINKU BASU    As a leader, I have been an ardent practitioner of situational leadership. It is interesting to have a topic, so complex theorized in such simple words by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson in their book ‘One Minute Manager.’ If you take a look around, everybody is practicing some style of leadership depending …

Managing CHANGE? – Just don’t mention the word

by ROSS SWAN It is often said that change is the only constant. As oxymoronic as that may sound, it is most certainly true. The sooner we embrace or learn to embrace change, we would find ourselves less trapped in a time warp and going against the inevitable. The importance of change is accentuated especially …

Find the ‘TRUTH’

By: AJ Borowsky The truth of RIGHT vs. WRONG is not a stark difference, it’s made up of percentages shared among those who disagree. Each of us wants to be 100% correct, I’m right and you’re wrong, but the truth in every situation I’ve come across is that while you might be right, I’m probably …

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