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Ball Tampering – look beyond the press conferences & video clips!


Ball Tampering – look beyond the press conferences & video clips!

Following the recent ball-tampering issue in Cricket world, I have listed a few things that I call as lessons as they do qualify as learnings for everyone in the understanding of the subject and the game.


These apply to every walk of life, even corporate and work.


1. Decision Making:

There is a fragile line between being a hero and being an idiot while deciding to take a risk on something which has known adverse consequences. ‘Winning A match’ against ‘humiliation for a lifetime if get caught’ – even a kid should be able to pick the RIGHT here.


2. Leadership:

Take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences. Do not justify the wrong with any story or logic – it harms more than it does any good. Show some character and accept it – that’s the sign of regret and remorse. Forgiveness will follow the apology.


3. Governance:

People in the management positions running the game are not supposed to hide behind the protocols or processes laid down, rather they are liable to put down processes which PREVENT such events. They need to be on top of things instead of being reactive every time.


4. Responsibility:

Putting all the blame for ball-tampering on three players who were on the field seems to be creating scapegoats out of them. It’s just not practically possible that other team members, coach and support staff did not have any clue about what these guys were up to the whole time.
It’s critical to fix responsibilities – not just based on obvious facts but also on logical assumptions.


Responsibility should be fixed so that others become watch-guards of any such thing happening in future – not just Ball-Tampering but anything that may hurt the spirit of the game & reputation of the team/nation.

My submission:

It seems that everyone is upset NOT because of what happened but because people got caught.


It gives me a sense that things like Ball-Tampering always existed but were never exposed. This time, due to the stupidity of the guy doing it and vigilance of the guy who sensed it and tipped off the cameramen to keep an eye on players – it got uncovered.

It also comes out that players are mere executors of the broader PLAN that is shoved down their throat – ‘to be the NO 1 team in the world’ – by the management, their board and above all the FANS.

The team in question has been the BEST team in the world for a very long time, but lately, they weren’t anywhere near the summit. This has put immense pressure on the team to WIN, AT ANY COST.

The question here is: Were these players ONLY at fault in this case?


I relate this to the business and corporate setups, where people are pressed by the management to out-perform their numbers, every time. It burns people’s wit – makes them do stupid things and if they get caught – they face the music.

The question is – why create so much of unwanted pressure to make people succumb and act stupidly?

Reminds me of a famous Hollywood movie where the top secret agent was being briefed by his CHIEF about the mission – the last words being, Remember, if you are compromised, you are on your own. The organization will not own you – for the greater good of the country.

Any correlation of this with the ball-tampering issue? What do you think?



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