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Anti Corruption Movement: My view

Anti Corruption Movement: My view

fakingnews.comI have been trying to write about the most composite bustle in the country in last few days but somehow could not make time to do so!! Or should I say that I was not able to decide as to what exactly I feel about the same. Being a patriot, I am certainly with ANNA HAZARE in this movement (do i need to say that actually!!!), but then I also had some other trepidations about the entire episode which has unfolded in last week or so.

I still am making attempts to reach at some conclusive argument on this entire matter, which is on either if the sides. Apprehensions are not on the intent of the revolution, but somewhere I do not find myself completely in line with the entire process of handling this delicate situation. Neither by the civil society nor by the govt. Both the parties claim that the new law (in question!) is to curb corruption and make the system free of it.

However, the common man, who is affected till date by corruption and also will be benefited if the law is enforced, is not completely aware of the attributes of the said LAW. When I say so, lot of voices will raise claiming me to be uttering nonsense since entire nation is aware of this and that’s why people have taken to streets to protest. I ask a simple question: Is the common man on streets because he is aware of exactly what this LAW will do OR because he has got exasperated by the way his life has been affected by corruption on daily basis and now he has an opportunity to vent his frustration out.

If you sit back and try to read the emotions of the people who are protesting, you will see one common feeling in most of them: they have been hurt by corruption at some point or the other in life.

I do not question the fact that this feeling only is the base of this outrage, but until and unless people understand the common agenda of this revolution, I am afraid that even after it is over we will not be in a position to realise its results.

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