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ANGER – Let’s know about it!

ANGER – Let’s know about it!

ANGER – One of the most prominent emotions today!

Almost everyone experience it today and is expressed in some form or the other. Few of us might yell or shout to express it, few might give a stare, some might use hard words and some of us (the most disillusioned ones) would do none of above but would keep it within themselves. None of the above is healthy as it affects the peace within us.

“Being ANGRY is as same as punishing yourself for someone else’s mistake.”
It has a cascading effect on every thing that we do after that moment of anger.

Let’s look at ANGER in a practical situation:

Today, driving conditions in any part of the world is an area of concern. Roads are packed with vehicles and everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination. Cars, buses, two-wheelers and most of all pedestrians are trying to cut their way through the heavy traffic to go past. We experience that every day while travelling to office and back, going for a movie, taking family out for a dinner, dropping kids at school – every time there is crazy traffic and it kills our time. It has become almost a ritual for most of us to curse traffic everyday when we hit the road. We even say, “Why is there so much of traffic? I am going to get late to work because of this! Why they all have to be on the road at the same time” and we get angry and upset.

The reason for our anger here is- TRAFFIC – an external source!

We somehow convince ourselves that being angry is justified because I am in a situation because of other people who have created the traffic. In the process we end up cursing all of those around us on the road. Does it sound familiar to you?

Now, for a moment, let’s just try this one thing. Look out of your window at the person in the car or on a scooter next to you and just imagine what he would be thinking at that moment. He might also be thinking the same as you were!! For him too, all the people on the road are responsible for the traffic! That makes you also one of them and he is cursing you as well!! Oh no – you don’t like that!! Do you??

Let’s try to understand this – you did not hear him say anything – it’s just an echo of your own thoughts. You only hear the words which were yours’ a moment ago but as the tables turned, you have them pointed at you!

So, what does it bring us to? Isn’t it all about MY THOUGHTS?
If I try to be calm and stable at that point and tell myself – ‘Everyone around me on road need to reach some place like me and no one wants to deliberately make any delay in MY travel”, I would not feel any anger.
Now, with this mindset when I will look at the fellow car driver – I will pass on positive energy to him/her, which could be anything from a smile to a relaxed posture.
Try this – you can see the other person responding in the same manner.

So, what we just saw was an everyday affair which made us feel angry (more as a ritual) being managed in a very calm and stable manner, very easily!

If others are TRAFFIC for me, I am TRAFFIC for someone else too!!

Stay ‘Calm’ – ‘Stable’ – ‘at Peace’ and drive well – you will always be safe!

God bless.

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