Pune, India

Month: January 2013

Steer your career in 2013!

I have been working on different teams, doing different things and exploring new avenues in last few years of my career. However, lately a sense has starting developing within me – where am I going? What direction is my career going in? I did have some fantastic moments in my career in the past and …

Are you planning to ask your manager for PROMOTION?

Before you even think about asking your boss for a promotion or a pay rise one of the key questions you need to ask yourself is do I know exactly how much I am worth? We are obviously operating in a very challenging economic environment and for a company to give a member of staff …

Creating the right culture

As read from a post by JAMES CAAN – CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw ONE of the things that people often don’t understand or realize about companies is that their culture and style of working is not created by accident. Creating the right atmosphere or vibe around a company is not something that happens by chance and often …

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