Pune, India

Month: August 2012

SATYAMEV JAYATE – Journey towards CHANGE – A special episode

As the familiar tune of Satyamev Jayate from Aamir Khan’s chat show reverberated from the TV screens today, it took us back to the many Sundays we had spent watching the show and admiring the actor-turned-crusader. This time though, the show was being aired on a Wednesday, for a very special reason: today is August 15 – …

VIRAT KOHLI – Has INDIA found the heir to SRT’s legacy in him?

I have not been a fan of Virat kohli’s batting since long. But yes, the way this young man has performed in last year, I have no second-thoughts in suggesting that we might have got the heir of Sachin’s legacy Virat has shown all the signs of a star in first 3 years of his …

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