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#100WordstoIMPACT – ‘Power of Engagement’

#100WordstoIMPACT – ‘Power of Engagement’

The ten years old came home from school, jumping with joy.

“Today was the best day of school, mom!” he yelled, exuberantly.

It wasn’t normal as he always complains about his school – to the point that he wanted to change his school.

“What happened in school that you are so happy about?” – the mother asked!

He said, “Our new principal joined, and he met all the students in every class. He told us that we could meet him whenever we need to.”

The mother sat down, reflecting, thinking about the Power of Engagement; even kids can feel it!

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  1. Vikram Bapat says:

    This seems to be a real conversation…is it? If so, that’s interesting since day by day I get the sense that technology is interrupting human contact and people seem unperturbed by that. When was the last time you just landed up at your friends place without fixing a prior appointment using technology? Worth a thought!

    • Manav Lalotra says:

      That indeed was a real conversation Vikram and I share the view with you completely about tech taking over the inherent human nature of connecting and communicating in person.

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